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Hello! My name is Justine, and I am mother of 3, calligrapher and graphic designer, specialising in modern calligraphy & chalkboard lettering art & event stationery.

I am a qualified Graphic Designer, experienced with Branding, publications & other creative projects.

What I adore about the art of calligraphy is that it is so beautiful & individual, you can feel the paper, and the way the ink flows on to different types, you can smell the paper & ink as you work. and the absolute perfection in the imperfection. Every character is different, every line. The ink spots, and flourishes.

I adore it all.

So when I get the privilege of combining my calligraphy with my designers eye, and get to make my clients ideas for their wedding or event a reality.

Well it is just a joy, and even though it hard work and I love every minute of it, and can’t wipe the smile off my face.

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