Terms & Conditions



Every Calligraphy & handmade item is written by hand using the high quality utensils, water proof

lightfast ink in the case of my calligraphy, unless otherwise advised.

This process is delicate, and takes time and I absolutely adore it. Every piece of work is

unique as it is by hand, and there will be imperfections, however I use my experience in design to

ensure all the same principles are used in the layout of my calligraphy & signage work, and always

triple check my work to maintain a very high standard.



Ideally, full payment is due upon booking with chase the sun creative, but please let me know if you

need to make other arrangements. Payment is accepted by Internet Bank Transfer. or by credit card.



Ideally we require 2 weeks for all work to be completed. With larger volume jobs, 20% discount

is offered if you can give me the details 4 weeks in advance. Please confirm the date your work is

required prior to booking.

If you require a job to be completed on very short notice, please get in touch and we might be able to get it done, but there might be up to 20% additional charge.



The text that is provided to chase the sun creative will be transcribed exactly how it is written by the

client. The client is responsible for spelling, abbreviations, punctuation and capitilisation. A clear and

concise list of names, addresses etc needs to be provided.



There is no cancellation fee if the job is cancelled prior to the negotiated start date outlined in

the client contract. The client’s payment will be refunded in full. If the job is cancelled after the

negotiated start date, there is no fee however the deposit will not be refunded.



chase the sun creative requires a signed contract prior to commencement of any work. Once prices

have been negotiated and the size and scope of work has been confirmed, an invoice and contract

will be emailed to you. This must be signed and returned prior to the start date of the work. Work will

not begin until there is a completed booking form and payment has been made.



Paper goods which are to be provided by the client, will need to be approved by chase the sun

creative just to confirm their suitability for pointed pen calligraphy. Some papers may need extra

preparation to be usable, and their may be a 10% extra charge for the time that will take.